Wednesday, October 7, 2009

more great records buyem if you can

black september (chicago,il,usa) - thou (la,usa) split 7'' 2008
black september is ex thin the herd but they play the same metallic crust
thou is slow crust
by black september stuff at

born b.c. - the power and the privelige ep 7'' e.yorks, england, uk 1982
i can't figure out the way people in england write their addressess, do they got states and cities or what, there is so much going on in an address but never a country like scotland or england its always just uk i hate that so i am guessing e. yorks is the state, they have counties and regions i think but i dont know what that means anyway
the music is great early 80s uk political punk not too fast but not oi, this is a peice of history and i am so happy to have it.

the discocks - voice of youth 7'' japan 1992
these guys are happy enough with the oi label, in japan they way they say hey (which is what we say in america) sound like oi also so i like to think there is no england worship but its undeniable since they say thanks to no future records and stuff. anyway i love that type of stuff.
this record takes me back though iw as ten when it came out the discocks are a band i got into in my early teens once i was punk enough to start listening to bands a bit lesser known than clash and dead kennedys.

natural cause (madison,wi,usa) - blatherskite (cumberland,in,usa) split 7'' 1992
here is an old record i actually just got used
natural cause made me buy it, i have their full 7'' on profane existence which also came out early 90s and i was lucky to get it in late 90s, i never even knew about this record but rhetoric records was a label with a great distro i used to order from in the 90s, there is a wierd story why that label isnt around but i dont know enough about it to post it on here.
natural cause play experimental punk, its not artsy just goes from punky to almost grungy and is remeniscent of that time actually.
blatherskite i had never heard of but they play one song sludgy and heavy like toxic narcotic or corrupted and one song almost the same but with hip hop singing. its really not as bad as it looks in my description, atleast its not rap metal and a million times better than anthrax(us) not anthrax (uk) they rule.

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