Wednesday, December 9, 2009

all good now, i hope

the glory stompers - 1994 - hey ralph cut here 7'' edmonton,alberta,canada
some old but not oldschool, 80s is oldschool 90s can be 100 years old but never oldschool. does that make sense. snoopdog is from 92 but no way is he old school rap. anyway this was a great 90s streetpunk, hardcore punk band so here you get 3 songs, one very uk 82 the other 2 more dischord influenced.

the rutto - ei paluuta 7'' 83 and ilmastoitu painajainen 7'' 84 boot 7'' finland
this is a bootleg that combines the first full 7'' with the second one sided 7'' onto one 7''. raw and simple 80s hardcore with members who also did time in terveet kadet and kuolema. the first 7'' has mid to fast pace and more punky 77 and the second is over the top fast and noise hardcore
i love this band and i hope others can tell me more info and stories about them cuz i just wrote all i know.

protest - 1984 - vinyl overload 7'' uk
a lot of bands have been called protest
i have a great demo of a malaysian band fromthe late 90s
i have a great 7'' from early 2000s from switzerland
and i am sure there are more i cant think of right now
this protest is a uk82 band from uk82 what you get is some real punk and i am happy to have this record.

los asesinos de la superficialidad - 2002 - manifesto 7'' netherlands
mid paced melodic modern hardcore with some indy rock influences i hope posting this make more people pick it up next time you come across it on a distro page or at your record store this website will point you in the right direction

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