Thursday, December 17, 2009

more stuff

caulfield - 2009 - tour cassette north california,usa
dark dbeat hardcore this band is really good and really nice, they played my town recently.
the cassette is limited to 100 so i am posting it here so those not lucky enough to see em live can here it. check their webstie cuz they are still on tour.

flagitous indiosyncrasy in the dilapidation - 2008 (japan) - insect warfare (houston,tx,usa) split 7''
this came with an issue of short fast and loud
both bands rule with heavy tough metallic hardcore with blastbeats

genocide association - 1983 - sonik lobotomy tape boot 7''
tape was supposed to have 105 songs this 7'' dont.
band is great noisy hardcore. i separated the tracks as best i could. songs sometimes run together and the tracklist is written in such a way i had to guess what the title could be.

plasmid - 2005 - lust for power demo 84 7''
fast hardcore punk from the uk they never did more than a few recordings and never played live but this music is essential.
ok heres a new link incase the old one was messed up.

world burns to death - 2009 - war can go on forever 7'' austin,tx,usa
newist 7'' by these hardcore veterans. very hard to get cuz it was released on hgfact in japan. i dont know how to order from them cuz its all in japanese. lucky i was able to find one at they also got the split with blowback as does they were released to coincide with the world burns to death japan tour with blowback. if you have trouble finding it on vinyl let me know and i will see what i can do.

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Unknown said...

hey, can you re up the first track of plasmid ep??? please , it have an error when i extract.