Monday, March 1, 2010

cyness ohuzaru exosus

cyness - 2001 germany - ohuzaru (italy) split 7''
cyness brutal grind metal from germany
ohuzaru fast fast hc from italy

exosus - 2004 - st 7'' baltimore,md,usa
metally melody heavy hc the guitar player rebecca also sang in flowers in the attic and played guitar in fight amputation

open close my eyes - 2004 - el nuevo milenio 7'' switzerland
this is 80s style hc with some catchyness and posi youth core influences. itll hook you in the first seconds.

r - the riffs - 2002 - such a bore 7'' portland,or,usa
77 punk really catchy almost power pop. the singer was also in defiance when they had two singers.

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