Friday, March 12, 2010

side by side oxymoron

side by side - 1992 - you're only young once... cd boot of 1988 7'' nj,usa
i think this band was from nj or ny same thing anyway this is another boot cd by that label. as legit reissue was put out also and is still available so check it out as for me i already bought this before the official cd came out, anyway i still wanna get one someday if i ever have extra money cuz the boot label always messes stuff up like track list and song titles. this is 80s style fast hardcore mixed with the new influences of the time, actually i think this band invented those new influences, youth crew posi ny tough stuff is mixed with minor threat.

oxymoron - 1999 - westworld cd germany
classic sounding street punk, one of the worlds best outta the 90s.

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