Thursday, March 11, 2010

skagos tomhet rhythm rhyme and reason fight back lobotomia

skagos - 2008 bc,canada - tomhet (ca,usa) split tape
this is the skagos side, mellow emotional melodic soft metal. i looked up the name thinking it was a greek god or something but i think its a country in a fantasy novel

tomhet - 2008 ca,usa - skagos - (bc,canada) split tape
this is the tomhet side, atmospheric and soft then black metal and back. tomhet means emptiness in swedish.

va - rhythm rhyme and reason 7'' 1997 germany
an amazing comp in the newschool vein of emotional hc and modern hc done with intelligence

fight back - 2009 - collection tape
croation band on american label. simply freakin crust, no metal no slow mess just 90s style fast raw hc political punk this is my favorite stuff

lobotomia - 2003 - st cd reissue 1987 brazil
80s classic hc punk with a strong metal influence and done right and rightly so what do you expect from legendary bands. this is the speedstate reissue and is sold out so i posted it, other versions of this album in reissue form have come before and some after so get one. try black water records in portland, i know they pressed it on vinyl or are going to i dont remember.

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