Thursday, March 11, 2010

mrtva budoucnost teror slobode

mrtva budoucnost - 1998 - the worst of 94 - 96 tape czech republic
this is raw fast hardcore done with intensity and integrity one of my personal faves since i got their 7''s years and years ago. members are still raging with see you in hell. this came out on malarie records in poland so the lyric sheet is in polish though they really sing in czech.
also try to get some good stuff.

va - teror slobode tape 2003
this is an amazing croatian comp all bands playing a variation of raw punk crust whatever.
i also need to post the crust is dead tape comp but this will sate your palate for now.


kktz said...

hi, just noticed you included some of our Fight Back, etc stuff here, great! feel free to add Crust Is Dead tape, or whatever you got from our noise too. here is Fight Back tribute page - , also some Fight Back / Dislike / etc members are now playing in Nonsense too - , ok, i also added you to Corpus Delicti blog links, thanx for already linking me here, nice blog you have! kktz

rayss said...

wow thanks. what a coincidence, i added the blog just cuz i stumbled upon it and liked all the great noise. i will look into nonsense. i have never heard a band from your area that is not great.
take care
ray ss

kktz said...

great, here you have nonsense "always against" demo 1994 (grind/noise/punk) and Nonsense "red i rad" demo 2008 (hardcore thrash) -