Wednesday, June 30, 2010

gouka mankind final warning dirt seein red the now denial react

gouka - 1996 - daston split 7'' japan
this is for 7inch crust blog. two crusty hardcore bands from japan.

mankind - 2000ish ct,usa - final warning (ny,ny,usa) split 7''
dont remember the exact year it came out, it was supposed to be released years earlier but got delayed to usual stuff like no money and time. mankind is hardcore punk, final warning got a heavier crusty thing going on.

dirt - 1995 - london,england - mankind (ct,usa) split 7''
this was released after the two bands toured together i think. both bands do fast catchy punk. stacy from mankind went on to sing for dirt when deno quit right before a tour.

mankind - 1990something - won't you join the army now... 7'' ct,usa
i ripped this mankind for a friend who asked if i could make a tape of mankind, i figured i might as well rip em and put em on here while i was at it. fast anarcho hxcpunk.

seein red - 2001 netherlands - the now denial (germany) split 7''
seein red with stripped down fastcore and the now denial with a crusty hxc.

react -2000ish - lp 1999ish and 7''1998 cd
dont remember when this cd came out but its great to have this on cd cuz i can't play my vinyl in my car. this is super catchy heavy dual vocaled crust crust crust. ex deformed conscience and more.

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