Thursday, June 17, 2010

apatia no rash suffer lost cherrees

apatia no - 2001 venezuela - rash (guadalupe,n.l.,mexico) split 7'
both bands do political hc punk

suffer - 1998 - st(forestofspears)7'' bradford,uk
this one says forest of spears on the inside so i called it that but don;t know if its the real title.
fast crusty hc from ex health hazard

suffer - 1995 - st (onestepcloser)7'' bradford,uk
one step closer is the first song but i think its st anyway here you go with political personal thoughtful hardcore thrash.

lost cherrees - 2003 - another bite of the cherrees 7''
this is the first release when they got back together, the label was new too and seemed to be gearing up a great schedule of releases but i dont know what happened to it soon after, i waited for this to come out and even got the limited edition with transparancy covers, dont know what the regular version looks like, the music is but slicker streetpunkish but still melodic and catchy, lost cherrees all the way. i hope they are still active, i am not too up to date.

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