Friday, June 18, 2010

bacteria last mile momido7 ss20 kobayashi

bacteria - 2000ish - fucking chaos 7'' england,japan
got the songs from slsk a while back was looking for info recently and only found a comment by takeshi from cfdl about selling some but it was few years old, this band plays noisey hardcore and was from 1992 in england with takeshi singing while he was there visiting
any scans of this and the actual year it came out would be appreciated

momido 7 - 1990 germany - ss - 20 (france) split 7''
both bands play mid paced to fast punk rock catchy and strong

l - the last mile - 2003 - designed to compensate the lack of intrinsic motivation 7" netherlands
rough, gruff, fast and slow hc with some pretty parts but mostly pounding hc good political and thoughtful lyrics

kobayashi - 2000 - tote stadt gibt es genug 7'' bremen,germany
catchy punk with melody fast to mid paced with heartfelt singing. its on skuld so you can't go wrong, just download it and leave a comment please.

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