Saturday, June 26, 2010

makara positive negative detestation remains of the day

makara - 1997 - st 7'' cupertino,ca,usa
i dont have the insert that goes with this, if you can scan it andsend it my may i will be happy. i ripped it on 33rpm, it sounds good to me but i could be wrong, this band plays hxc punk mixed iwth melody and newschool hc elements.
instead of leaving a comment you should write your own review. i am bad at these.

positive negative - 1998 tampere,finland - detestation split 7"
positive negative got kaaos and riistetyt members doing 90s style crusty punk, fast hard and good lyrics.
detestation doing more american crust, fast catchy and goodlyrics.

remains of the day - 2000 - st 7'' portland,or,usa
fast and crusty and slow melodic and crusty with good lyrics. this is good and their two full lengths are even better, try


mikxxx said...

fuck, positive negative was a hell of a band.maybe one of the best '90s sounding crusty hardcore bands...and probably this is the best detestation's split...

rayss said...

yeah, i got 2 or 3 more 7''s by them, i;ll post em someday.