Saturday, June 19, 2010

the brat from east l.a.

the brat was a band from east l.a. who play midpaced melodic punk sometimes going into hardcore territory, very inovative for the time, i first heard em while tape trading with the great katz, we were discussing bands with girls in them and he put the brat on the tape and i fell in love and asked him for more info and included a little history in my first zine, there wasn't much knowledge to be found since they were shortlived but they got back together a few years ago and a cd is being released with their lp and unreleased stuff.
ill post the lp someday, i still only got it on the tape katz made me and a photocopy of a poloroid for the cover art.
heres a lowrider issue they got an interview in.
lowrider the brat

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Slobodan Burgher said...

cheers, pasting up on pih now